Supporting Membership


Access – Access to our VOSB and SDVOSB partners (nearly 400 members strong) and access to large primes. Sometimes large primes have a hard time finding credible SDVOSB’s to fulfill small business goals, we help connect you.

Rule Making – We respond to regulatory changes or proposed rule-making items on behalf of our members.


Networking – 1:1 networking sessions at the request of large businesses, typically held at their corporate headquarters.

Market Research – Evaluate competition as more and more work goes to small businesses.


Annual Conference – We hold an annual Veteran Entrepreneur Training Symposium(VETS) for purposes of education, training, and networking. Our conference has about 400+ attendees and 75 exhibitors, including large businesses seeking a great place to identify SDVOSBs for partnering opportunities and several federal agency participants. Our conferences typically entail the following: 

  • 1:1 matchmaking sessions 

  • networking receptions

  • Breakout sessions while bringing in

  • Plus, a panel of incredible speakers who motivate and encourage us all to keep doing what we do every day.

Recognition – Eligible for Champion of Veterans Enterprise Award which recognizes federal agencies and large prime contractors for achieving a 3% goal for awards. As well as, subcontracts to SDVOSBs and/or achieving 8% contracting with VOSBs. Awards are only given to large primes who are members.


All while providing an opportunity to display your support of the VOSB community and leverage awards in proposals.